Living in Old Westbury, NY

Living in Old Westbury, NY offers an upscale suburban lifestyle with expansive estates and top-rated schools. Its proximity to New York City provides access to cultural attractions and career opportunities. While offering a tranquil atmosphere and various recreational activities, it also comes with a higher cost of living and limited public transportation options. The town's history dates back to its Native American roots, evolving into an affluent community with grand estates. The pleasant year-round weather and peaceful surroundings enhance the quality of life. Interested in learning more about employment opportunities, real estate, and attractions in Old Westbury?

Pros of Living in Old Westbury, NY

Old Westbury, NY offers a plethora of advantages for residents seeking a tranquil and upscale suburban lifestyle.

Expansive estates and large properties provide privacy and exclusivity.

Top-rated schools offer quality education for families.

Proximity to New York City allows for easy access to cultural attractions and career opportunities.

Cons of Living in Old Westbury, NY

Despite its many advantages, living in Old Westbury, NY does present certain challenges that residents should be aware of.

Some cons include:

  • Limited public transportation options
  • Higher cost of living compared to national average
  • Limited dining and entertainment options within the town
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Cost of Living in Old Westbury, NY

Given the varied aspects that may impact one's decision to reside in Old Westbury, NY, understanding the cost of living in this area is paramount. Old Westbury is known for its affluent community and upscale lifestyle. The table below provides a glimpse into the cost of living in Old Westbury, NY.

Expense Cost
Housing High
Groceries Expensive
Utilities Above Average

History of Old Westbury, NY

The rich history of Westbury, NY unfolds a narrative of significant cultural and architectural heritage.

Originally inhabited by the Matinecock Native American tribe, Westbury evolved into a thriving agricultural community in the 17th century.

The town prospered with the arrival of the Long Island Rail Road in the 19th century, attracting affluent residents who built grand estates that still stand today, reflecting the town's storied past.

Quality of Life and Weather in Old Westbury, NY

Residents in Old Westbury, NY enjoy a high quality of life complemented by the area's pleasant weather throughout the year.

The town experiences warm summers with temperatures averaging in the 70s and mild winters rarely dropping below freezing. This moderate climate allows for outdoor activities year-round, from exploring the beautiful gardens to enjoying outdoor sports.

The peaceful atmosphere and beautiful surroundings further enhance the quality of life in Old Westbury.

Education in Old Westbury, NY

With a strong focus on providing quality education, Old Westbury, NY offers a range of educational opportunities for its residents.

The village is served by the renowned East Woods School for pre-kindergarten through 8th grade, providing a strong academic foundation.

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Additionally, Old Westbury is in proximity to prestigious higher education institutions such as the New York Institute of Technology and SUNY Old Westbury, offering diverse educational pathways for students.

Employment Opportunities in Old Westbury, NY

Old Westbury, NY offers a diverse array of employment opportunities across various industries for individuals seeking professional growth and career advancement. The town hosts a mix of businesses ranging from finance, education, healthcare, and technology sectors.

Residents can explore job openings in companies such as financial institutions, schools and universities, hospitals, and tech firms. This variety enables individuals to find rewarding positions that align with their career aspirations.

Recreation and Attractions in Old Westbury, NY

Nestled within the charming town of Old Westbury, NY, a plethora of recreational activities and attractions await visitors and locals alike.

  • Visit the historic Old Westbury Gardens for stunning landscapes and mansion tours.
  • Explore nature at Clark Botanic Garden with its diverse plant collections.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities at the Old Westbury Golf & Country Club, offering a picturesque golf course.

Real Estate in Old Westbury, NY

The real estate market in the affluent town of Westbury, NY offers a wide range of upscale properties with luxurious amenities and expansive grounds. Potential buyers can choose from elegant estates, modern mansions, historic homes, and custom-built residences. The properties in Old Westbury boast stunning architectural designs, vast acreages, and exclusive features, making it a premier destination for luxury living.

Property Type Features Price Range
Estate Pool, Tennis Court, Guest House $3M – $10M
Mansion Home Theater, Wine Cellar, Gym $5M – $15M
Historic Home Original Details, Landscaped Gardens $2M – $7M
Custom-built Smart Home Technology, Spa, Private Pond $4M – $12M
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Transportation in Old Westbury, NY

Efficient transportation options in Westbury, NY provide residents with convenient access to neighboring towns and the greater metropolitan area.

The town offers various transportation modes, including:

  • Well-connected road network
  • Access to public transportation
  • Proximity to major highways


To sum up, living in Old Westbury, NY offers a high quality of life with its rich history, beautiful landscapes, and recreational opportunities.

The cost of living may be higher, but the employment opportunities and real estate options make it a desirable place to live.

With a variety of attractions and a convenient transportation system, Old Westbury provides residents with a comfortable and enjoyable living experience.

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